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The PBluva

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Ok so basically this site is fucking pointless, I can save a lot of your time by saying, "Leave now!" If you read past that sentence you obviously care more than the average Joe so heres some background... My name is Ryan, I kick ass and there is no doubt about it. Enough said. I started this website because I was bored at 2 in the morning one day, aint that great? I hope you enjoy it and it continues to prosper for years to come. (haha, yeah right!)

Hmm, I don't really know what this site is about. But, seeing as this is MY site, it has whatever the hell I want it to. Enjoy. Oh and to everyone who says that this site sucks, fuck you, I really don't care.


What's New?

8/21/05- Fixed shit

6/15/05 - Put on the Pulp Fiction trailer 'till I can find sufficient paintball clips

6/10/05 - Added the ghetto RiPpLe sign on the side, my apologies to everyone that was wild about the girls

6/9/05 - Guestbook is under Contact Me

6/9/05 - Added the Paintball Photo Gallery

6/7/05 - Started making this damn thing

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